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Curtin University of Technology
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Exhibitions & Events Archive

…curt: An exhibition of works by graduating Postgraduate and Honours students at the School of Art
6 December – 13 December 1998

The work of the following Postgraduate and Honours students are featured in this exhibition.

Mandy Browne
Nicole David
Ernst Ellemunter
Monique Fountain
Philip Gamblen
Stephenny Godfrey
Lorenna Grant
Paul Hinchliffe
Mack Sau Lan, Isadora
Colin Langridge
Paul Orange
Nicole Phillips
Pearl Rasmussen
Phuvanart (Noi) Rattanarungsikul
Kathy Ready
Caroline Stanbrook
Andrea Williams

The Curtin Collection 1968 - 1998
23 October - 29 November 1998

curtin collection install
The Curtin Collection 1968 - 1998, installation view, JCG, 1998

This exhibition provides an overview of Curtin’s exciting and important public collection, with some 180 works on view out of a total collection of over 2,000.

With a strong group of works produced in Western Australia, and a major emphasis on art of the past 30 years, the exhibition provides a great opportunity to assess the strength and importance of both the collection and art practice within this region.

Love Hotel: A National Gallery of Australia Travelling Exhibition
4 September – 11 October 1998

love hotel install
Love Hotel, installation view, JCG, 1998

The many ironies in Love Hotel make a wry and witty comment on the artificiality of contemporary life. The exhibition, organised by the National Gallery of Australia, showcases contemporary international sculpture, photography and video. It documents the move away from the figurative, generally expressionist art of the early eighties to the hybrid of cool, minimal forms and heated concepts that dominate art today.

Most of the work in Love Hotel is misleadingly bland, but laden with intense personal and psychological meanings.

Love Hotel includes work by leading Australian and international artists, including Richard Artschwager, Michael Craig-Martin, Ronald Jones, Sylvie Fleurie and Rosemary Trockel.

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Robert MacPherson
17 July - 23 August 1998

murranji install
Robert MacPherson, Murranji, installation view, JCG, 1998

A common austerity, humour and an essential poetry runs through the twenty years of work represented in this exhibition. Robert MacPherson’s art is concerned centrally with the beauty of the everyday, repetition, offhand gestures and familiar if often unobserved or unrecognisable languages.

Drawing on the legacy of high modernist abstraction, and a fascination with the materials and procedures of painting, MacPherson has developed a powerful vision grounded in specific local and Australian references and the concrete reality of the everyday.

Murranji features a diverse collection of MacPherson’s work in mediums including water-colour, sculpture, photography and acrylics. The title piece Murranji (1997) consists of used, worn and frayed blankets once wrapped around human bodies.

Folding words, objects, personal, geographic and historical references together, MacPherson’s art is oblique and elusive, as well as immensely rewarding.

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Dismal Science: Photo Works 1972 - 1996
Allan Sekula
27 May - 5 July 1998

Allan Sekula is a world-renowned photographer and critic who centres his attention on documentary photography, in particular its place and function in contemporary art and society.

Dismal Science is a survey of eight photographic projects produced by Sekula during the past 24 years. His art interrogates the traditions of documentary photography and romantic notions of the artist’s role in society.

Sekula’s discursive texts, sequential photographs, slide projection pieces and audio recordings appeal to reason as well as emotion. His art is designed to increase our capacity for discernment and engage us in struggles for social transformation.

In & Out: Contemporary Chinese Art from China & Australia
16 April - 17 May 1998

In & Out explores the work of Chinese contemporary artists looking both inwards, towards Chinese culture and history, and outwards, to the West, over the last two decades. Ten artists, including five now living in Australia, deal with issues of changing identity and the possibilities for developing a distinctive contemporary Chinese art.

Through the large-scale mixed media sculpture and installations, photographs, paintings and prints, In & Out explores what it means to be Chinese in a global contemporary art environment.

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'inei/konei: The Pacific in Photo Art from Aotearoa
16 April - 17 May 1998

‘inei/konei is the presentation of work by six photographers/artists based in Aotearoa/New Zealand, who site differing experiences and understandings of ‘The Pacific’ as fundamental to their lives and work.

“Inei” translates from the Samoan as “here” in a general sense. “Konei” translates as “here” from Maori. These are the two languages of Pacific derivation most used in Aotearoa/ New Zealand.

The exhibition features works by Glenn Jowitt, Lisa Reihana, Natalie Robertson, Greg Semu, Evotia Tamua and Veronica Vaevae.

Up in the Sky
Tracey Moffatt
19 February - 5 April 1998

up in the sky
Tracey Moffatt, Up in the Sky, installtion view, JCG, 1998

Tracey Moffatt lives and works in Sydney and is one of Australia’s most well-known and internationally recognised contemporary artists.
Her works are based on personal memories as well as those of her family and friends, and are almost always concerned with critique or challenge of the social environments that we live and work in.

Up in the Sky features large format colour cibachrome prints, photo-lithographs and two short films entitled Night Cries A Rural Tragedy (17 mins) and Nice Coloured Girls (16 mins). Night Cries A Rural Tragedy gained critical success at the 1990 Cannes International Film Festival.

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