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Curtin University of Technology
John Curtin Gallery

Public Progam

Matthew Ngui: Points of View
8 February - 20 March



Russel Storer, Curator
Friday 8 February

Please join us as Russell Storer gives us a curators Point of View.

Gary Dufour, Acting Director of the Art Gallery Of Western Australia
Wednesday 20 February

Gary Dufour will give his response to Matthew Ngui: Points of View

Julian Goddard, Head of Department of Art, Curtin University.
Wednesday 5 March

Join us at the Gallery as Julian Goddard presents his view of Matthew Ngui's exhbition.

Marco Marcon, Director of International Art Space, Kellerberrin

Marco Marcon will present his response to Matthew Ngui: Points of View


Brook Andrew: Eye to Eye
4 April - 30 May

Glenn Pilkington, Associate Curator of Indigenous Art, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Wednesday 7 May

Glenn Pilkington from the Art Gallery of Western Australia will discuss Brook Andrew's Eye to Eye from a curatorial perspective, focusing on issues surrounding an identity and cultural context.

Glenn Pilkington studies at Edith Cowan University and has worked in the Arts, specifically Indigenous Arts for the last three years. Glenn also has an art practice that investigates contemporary Indigenous identity.

Dr John Stanton, Director, Berndt Museum
Bringing the Photos Home Project
Wednesday 16 April


Dr John Stanton will discuss the Bringing the Photographs Home Project, ATSIC's response to the 'Bringing Them Home' Report. The Berndt Museum's photographic collection consists of archival photographs from government and mission settlements and pastoral stations from 1920 to 1970. The entire photographic collection has been digitised so that information can be easily accessed. By providing an opportunity for people to reconnect to their families and informing younger generations, the Bringing the Photographs Home project will enable communities to begin the process of reclaiming their identities. Dr Stanton's research background includes fieldwork among fringe-dwelling Aboriginal groups in south-western New South Wales in 1971 resulting in a MA in Social Anthropology. In 1974 he transferred to Perth to commence a PhD program focusing on aspects of social change in a small Aboriginal community (Mt Margaret Mission) on the fringe of the Western Desert bloc, W.A. He has published a number of articles deriving from this research.

Brook Andrew
Tuesday 8 April

Artist, Brook Andrew will give a walk through of the exhibtion.


House of Tarvydas and Looking Out
22 August - 10 October 2008


Fashion symposium and lanch of exhbition catalogues
Sunday 7 September
10:30 - 3:30pm


The speakers will investigate the cultural benefits that fashion design contributes to the community and provide an opportuntiy for participating designers to share their experience of moving into and sustaining their paractice in international markets.

Speakers include: Megan Salmon, Lucas Bowers & Erica Wardle (ericaamerica), Jo Pickup, Jan Oldham, Anne Farren, Anne Schilo and chaired by Prof. Ted Snell.

Denise Green: Out West and lost, new work by Kate McMillan
31 October - 5 December


Artist talk
Friday 7 November
12:30 - 1:30pm

Denise Green will be giving a floor talk to discuss the works in Out West.


Artist talk and launch of exhibiton catalogues
Sunday 30 November

Kate McMillan will be joined by sound artists and collabortaor Cat Hope to discuss the work in lost.