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Public Progam 2013

Public Lectures, Forums and
Artist Floor Talks

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Public Program

As part of the SoDA13 exhibition, a series of public programs will be held, featuring the artists in the exhibition.

Paul Carpenter Redressing the Silence
Artist talk
Wednesday 27 November, 12.30pm

North Gallery, John Curtin Gallery

In Redressing the Silence, Paul Carpenter presents a series of up to 80 photographic projections depicting ruins, burial sites and other significant historical and contemporary landscapes from the Great Irish Famine 1845 - 1852 and the post Global Financial Crisis in 2008. He hopes to challenge the viewer to re-examine their concepts of historical progression and how the trauma of the past encroaches on the present.

Paul Carpenter is a photographer and historian who lectures in Photography and Design in the School of Design and Art at Curtin University.


Michelle Frantom Her Beauty & Her Terror
Artist talk
Sunday 8 December, 3pm

South Gallery, John Curtin Gallery

In Her Beauty & Her Terror, Michelle Frantom presents a series of highly personal photographic images, paintings and animation works created in response to a natural site known as The Gap - a coastal landscape near her home town of Albany, which evokes both terror and awe. The motivation for this work, and her art practice in general, is to develop a model for consciousness in which life and death are given equal value.

Followed by light refreshments.


Andrew Purvis Transmission
Artist talk
Sunday 8 December, 4pm

Central Gallery, John Curtin Gallery

Andrew Purvis' project, Transmission, investigates humankind's efforts to make contact with divine, occult or alien presence. Efforts to communicate with hypothetical receivers have prompted the innovation of a range of esoteric inventions and techniques, from the Ouija board and the séance, through automatic drawing and electronic voice phenomenon, to the rather more advanced methods of the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) community. Utilising and adapting these associated technologies, Purvis combines elements of drawing, installation and performance to create works that balance the hope and futility of the unanswered call.

Light refreshment will be served prior to the performance lecture.


Koolark Koort Koorliny (Heart Coming Home)
October Public Program

The Artistic Impact of Carrolup

Contemporary Noongar art practice is distinctive, richly influenced by the artistic traditions that emerged in the Carrolup Native Settlement in Western Australia's Great southern region in the 1940's. Many of the 'child artists' featured in the Koolark Koort Koorliny (Heart Coming Home), the Herbert Mayer Collection of Carrolup Art exhibition continued painting after the Settlement closed including Reynold Hart, Allan Kelly and Revel Cooper. Their story, and the beautiful art they created still continues to influence subsequent generations of artists.

Wednesday 16 October, 2013 12.30pm - 1pm
Featuring Dr Julian Goddard, Associate Professor, Head of School, School of Design and Art, Curtin University

Atrium, John Curtin Gallery

"When we came to Carrolup 3 1/2 years ago we found the children somewhat wild, very shy, very frightened of us. We just could not get through to them at all. We thought the position hopeless, and had almost decided to resign, when one day (about a week after our arrival) I saw a boy drawing some trees on a piece of brown paper. I patted his shoulder and, remarking they were very good, asked him how he would like to do some in colours if I got him the crayons. He looked at me for the first time, and just nodded his head. I bought some crayons and drawing paper and set them to work. Neither my wife nor I draw, so the children were left entirely to their own devices. We gave them two afternoons a week to develop their art in their own way, giving no advice or direction at all. We encouraged them by praising their work and taking a keen interest in it."
Noel White, Headmaster, Carrolup Native Settlement School, 1950.

Drawing on his extensive art history knowledge, Dr Julian Goddard will discuss how this small act sparked what is now known as the 'Carrolup Style' as seen in its earliest beginnings in Koolark Koort Koorliny (Heart Coming Home), and its significant impact on Noongar art practice today.

Koolark Koort Koorliny (Heart Coming Home), The Herbert Mayer Collection of Carrolup artwork is open for viewing from 11am - 5pm.


Sunday 6 October, 2013 2.30pm - 4pm
Featuring artists Tjyllyungoo- Lance Chadd, Peter Farmer and Fay Farmer

Bankwest Theatre, John Curtin Gallery

With reference to their own practice, contemporary Noongar artists Lance Chadd - Tjyllyungoo, Peter Farmer and Fay Farmer will discuss the lasting artistic and cultural impact the 'child artists' of Carrolup and the Carrolup Settlement have had on their lives.

Tjyllyungoo- Lance Chadd's artistic endeavors were encouraged from an early age family members who were well known landscape painters. His uncles Allan Kelly and Reynold Hart were artists of the famous Carrolup Settlement, and their style of depicting bush landscape greatly influenced his art.

Peter Farmer spent 11 years at Marribank in the 1970's & 80's with his parents Fay and Peter Farmer Snr. Recognised for his totemic paintings, Peter's earliest artistic influence was his mother's renowned hand painted silks and pottery created at Marribank. Together they will talk about their life at Marribank, and the personal and artistic creativity that comes through their family connections to Carrolup.

The talk includes light refreshments.
The Koolark Koort Koorliny (Heart Coming Home) The Herbert Mayer Collection of Carrolup artwork is open for viewing from 1pm - 5pm.


Koolark Koort Koorliny (Heart Coming Home)
September Public Program

Sunday, 8 September 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Bankwest Theatre, John Curtin Gallery

Noelene White in conversation with Chris Malcolm The Carrolup Native Settlement's Headmaster Noel White and his wife Lily, are universally acknowledged for their extraordinary humanity and inspired vision. They provided the opportunities for the children at Carrolup to create these artworks during their brief but remarkable tenure teaching at the Settlement's school from 1946-1951. When they arrived at Carrolup in May 1946, they found the conditions unacceptable and soon set about making changes for the benefit of all students - including the provision of new clothes, and overhauling the Settlement's kitchen to provide more nutritious meals for the children. Within a few weeks of their arrival, they discovered the power that art could play in these children's lives as a catalyst for transformation. This realisation heralded the beginning of this period of flourishing Noongar culture we have come to know as Carrolup Art.

Join Noelene White, daughter of Noel and Lily White, as she discusses her recollections of her formative years at Carrolup with John Curtin Gallery Director, Chris Malcolm.

Anonymous, Untitled, c1949, pastel on paper

Grazia Toderi artist talk

Sunday 10 February, 2pm
Bankwest Theatre, John Curtin Gallery

Please join us for this special occasion as international artist Grazia Toderi speaks about her work. Refreshments will be provided.






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