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Curtin University of Technology
John Curtin Gallery

Access Gallery - 2002



Visible Language
7 June - 21 July 2002

Print based works by Olga Sankey

Olga Sankey's investigation of the relationship between image and text has reulted in a body of work comprised of two-dimensional works on paper (etchings and digital prints) and etched metal/inscribed Perspex. Text is used in these images either as a visually intergrated element or as a means of actually constructing an image.

'Whether text or words form part of an image or are the sole element, whether they are legable or illegable or merely allude to writing, once an artwork includes text or words, the issue of their materially needs to be considered in relation to the overall meaning of the work.'

Olga Sankey
Senior Lecturer
South Australian School of Art
University of South Australia

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