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Secret Curtin


Heart + Hope


Secret Curtin
Photographs by Andrew McDonald
29 November - 14 December


For over 20 years, Andrew McDonald has been photographing Curtin's ever changing campus - using everything from brick sized medium format film cameras, right up to an iphone. He hasn't concentrated on just the big changes, but more the hidden corners, the tiny details and the unexpected views. He will be sharing just a few of these images.


Andrew McDonald image
Andrew McDonald, Ants on tomato sauce packet, 2006, digital print, 305 x 203mm

Andrew McDonald image
Andrew McDonald, Crow, 2001, digital print from 35mm film, 457 x 305mm



2 - 25 November
A Guild on Show exhibition


Midway is an exhibition of print media works by ten second year Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) students. The students were invited to create a series of new prints based on their current artistic interests. The resulting works are an exploration of each student's practice midway through their degree, and feature a range of printmaking techniques including etching, collagraph, embossing and screen printing.

Featuring Liam Colgan, James Cooper, Bell Harding, Amy Hickman, Danni McGrath, Melissa McGrath, Anna Richardson, Frances Spence, Alina Tang and Nick Zafir.

Midway image 1
James Cooper, Five Minutes, Fifty Seven Seconds, 2012, embossed screen print

midway image 2

Alina Tang, I Still Think Of You On Sad Days, 2012, copper plate etching


Midaway image3
Bell Harding, Teaching, 2012, steel plate etching



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Heart + Hope
1 June - 31 August


Heart + Hope - Cambodia features the work of artists Kate Koivisto Wheeler, Samith Pich, Kate Leslie, Michael Doherty, Daniela Dlugocz, Sue Leeming, Alley Michelle and Corina Jasmin, who have joined forces to raise awareness of the human rights issues in Cambodia. The artists were invited to present new work in response to images and information gathered by visitors to Cambodia from the charitable organisation Hagar International.


HH image1
Kate Koivisto Wheeler, Play, 2012, acrylic, Cambodian silk and permanent marker on canvas, 656 x 46cm


HH image2
Chase Clark, A Place of Refuge. 2012, inkjet on aluminium ed 1/5


HH image3
Riverview Children's Foundation, Selah, 2012, inkjet on aluminium, ed 1/5


HH image 4
Kate Leslie, Temple of Light, 2012, acrylic and oil on canvas, 120 x 71cm


HH image 5
Sue Leeming, Hagar, 2012, oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm


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