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Curtin University of Technology
John Curtin Gallery

Campus Display

Curtin University is unique among Western Australian universities in that we encourage access to the University Collection by involving the Curtin community in the management of the public display of artworks. This is a wonderful initiative and one that the John Curtin Gallery continues to support while also safeguarding this culturally important and valuable University asset.

To request an artwork loan, please follow this link:

For all other enquiries, contact the JCG's Campus Display Coordinator on 9266 4405 or email





Janis Nedella image
Janis Nedela, Enigma (death by a thousand pricks), washers, blue nail tacks, pencil, enamel paint on black and white photograph, 2000, 70 x 59cm, Curtin University Art Collection, donated by David Forrest through the Cultural Gifts Program, 2005


Mary Moore image
Mary Moore, Xanthorrhoea Preissii - Fruiting Spike 1, hand coloured etching, 2007, 95x 72cm, Curtin University Art Collection, purchased 2008


Nicole Slatter image
Nicole Slatter, Direction, oil on linen, 2008, 80 x 105cm, Curtin University Art Collection, purchased 2008


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