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Curtin University of Technology
John Curtin Gallery

John Curtin Gallery Shop

Open 11am - 5pm, Monday to Friday and Sunday 1 - 5pm, during exhibitions.
To access the shop before 11am, or between exhibitions, use the intercom on the right of the front doors to alert a staff member.


The retail outlet at the John Curtin Gallery, offers original jewellery, textiles and garments designed and made by current students, graduates and staff of Curtin. The John Curtin Gallery produces high quality publications which are available for purchase as well as a small selection of original prints available for sale. Prices range from $20.00 to $200.00 for a variety of gifts and items.

Artists include: Amanda Paige Alderson, Patti Belletty, Barbara Cotter, Di Cubitt, Estelle Dean, Vashti Innes-Brown, Nicole Lance, Jinmi Lim, Alana McVeigh, Missy and Roy, Jennifer Restifo, Nalda Searles, Phoebe Spencer, Robi Szalay, Linda Ullrich and others.



kelsey rings
Victoria Kelsey, rings


jones rings
Rachel Jones, Rings




Amanda Alderson

Amanda Alderson bracelt
Amanda Alderson, resin bracelet

Alderson books
Amanda Aldeson, Books

alderson rings
Amanda Alderson, rings



Patti Belletty

Having worked in a contemporary gift shop in Perth in the 1990’s, Patti was initially inspired by the owners’ imaginative use of elaborate fabrics in the creative window displays and numerous unique hand-made accessories. Several years later, after visiting the Palazzo Fortuny Museum in Venice, Patti became interested in traditional pleating techniques revived in the early twentieth century by the pioneering textile artist and designer Mariano Fortuny. These scarves and wraps celebrate the spirit of Fortuny and the ancient garments that inspired his genius presenting easy to wear options that embody a timeless beauty. Patti’s scarves and wraps are all entirely hand made in Western Australia from carefully selected fabrics. The scarves and wraps are hand pleated and then heat set to preserve the pleats in the garment.

Patti Belletty scarves

Claire Brooks

Claire’s pieces offer the wearer innovative creations which are both unique and functional. The works are of a limited edition, and are most currently influenced by vintage and antique objects, patterns and wallpapers, which were found amongst her great grandmother's collections.

brooks ring

brooks bracelts



Barbara Cotter

Barbara completed a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University in 1991, majoring in jewellery and 3D design. Since then she has been working in galleries around the state, has taught jewellery techniques to a variety of ages and skill levels, and continues to study completing her Masters of Art by research in 2005. She exhibits regularly on a national basis and currently works part time from her studio, devoting the rest of her time to working at the John Curtin Gallery.

These hand made jewellery works celebrate the relationships that develop between a wearer and the worn object.  Through the beauty of their materials, they represent the beauty Barbara finds in the human body. 

Cotter rings

cotter cufflinkscufflinks

Di Cubitt

Di Cubitt is a painter and glass artist. She has been working with glass for nearly twenty years, at first making stained glass objects, then moving to kiln-formed jewellery ten years ago. Originally inspired by glasswork from the Art Deco period, she blends elegant design elements and colour combinations to emphasise and reflect the beautiful qualities inherent in the glass she uses.

While self-taught as a glass artist, Di recently completed an honours degree in Visual Arts at Curtin University. Over the last ten years she has taken part in many group exhibitions (glass, painting, and other media), and had her first solo painting exhibition in August 2007. 


Vashti Innes-Brown

Vashti completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours, majoring in painting, from Curtin University in 2000. Inspired by the natural world she collects materials discarded by nature’s cycle of regeneration; searching for colours, shapes, patterns and textures; stories and energy; rhythms and symbols of change. Bark that twists and curls as it falls from the trees. Seagrass that has lost its grip on the ocean floor, washing up onto the sand, tangled and salty, colours fading day by day under the power of the sun.
Collecting, designing and making is a slow process which connects me to the cyclic patterns of the landscape. Through my practice I wish to inspire others to pause for a moment, take a breath; to quietly observe the beauty of nature and feel one’s own connection to the gentle rhythms of the Earth.


Vashti image
bark and veneer bracelets


Rachel Jones

Recently graduated from Middlesex University, Rachel Jones takes a personal approach to jewellery. Interacting with friends, family and often strangers allows Rachel to create sensitive and personal work. Her graduate collection focuses on stories of lost jewellery. Using collected tales of losing jewellery Rachel creates new pieces often involving familiar existing items of jewellery, creating a juxtaposed of the lost, unwanted, functional and the new.

Made of Awesome

Made of Awesome is a little design collective in the sunny city of Perth, WA. Our products are much treasured little creations we love to share with the people around us. We are visual communicators during the day and creative entrepreneurs at night - figuratively speaking. Our challenge is to create things that are simply awesome and express our love for design. So how did Made of Awesome come about? Well our little group of 6 completed a long and difficult design course together - yes it was hard work, but well worth it. So after graduating a few years ago our lives all took very different paths, but one of the main things that has kept us in touch both creatively and socially is our love for design; expressed through Made of Awesome. At first the name Made of Awesome was an inside joke - and has since stuck with us.


made of awesome



Marlu Kuru Kuru group


Annette Nykiel scarf
hand dyed silk scarves using plant material from Laverton.



Carrie McDowell

In 2006 Carrie completed her Bachelor of Art at Curtin University and is currently undertaking Honours. She creates contemporary jewellery through an investigation into materiality. By challenging conventional uses for materials she creates wearable sculptural pieces. She is continually tempted by beautiful materials and delights in discovering new applications for them. Her 'Bling Ring' series developed through her love of beads and a desire to put them to new uses while challenging the idea that rings are round.


Alana McVeigh


McVeigh ceramics
porcelain vessels

mcveigh brooches
porcelain brooches




Missy and Roy

Missy and Roy brooches are designed and created by Western Australian artists Anna Nazzari and Michelle Becker. Each design is a one-of-a-kind, hand-made parquetry creation. Missy and Roy brooches are constructed from a wide range of woods including American Cherry, White Oak, Rock Maple, W.A Jarrah and Nyotah. All brooches are finished with a thin coat of Lavender oil.


anna Nazzari image
Anna Nazzari brooches




Officially launched late 2009, Nevertheless is my little creative business where I offer a range of services including graphic design, identity & branding, web design, web development and custom illustration. I am a lover of great design and I understand that it is not just about coming up with pretty pictures. Design involves a more strategic approach and with every successful piece of visual communication lies a well defined purpose and a systematic design process. My goal is to create clever designs that are appropriate to the clients I work with, to educate those around me about good design and to always be aware of the ever changing nature of design. I am also a part of a wonderful design collective called Made of Awesome also launched in 2009. It is an eclectic mix of styles and brands where we pool together our individual works to participate in design events such as local markets, exhibitions and presentations. Even though we are all different in our own rights, we have similar tastes tastes and sensibilities when it comes to design and art. We all value handmade and producing small runs of quirky and unique products.

nevertheless pin


nevertheless pendant



Stewart and Trish Scambler

Trish and Stewart have been producing work together since 1992. Prior to that, Trish worked in graphics and Stewart operated makiigama pottery producing a range of gas and wood fired stoneware. Both were trained in ceramics at Fremantle technical college. Together they operate Bohemian Cermaics, a short run production studio located in Palmyra, WA. Their current work is maiolica production ware and one off unique peices, decorated by Trish and thrown by Stewart. Alongside the maiolica Stewart produces a range of wood fired stoneware, both production and unique pieces.


Scambler ceramics

scambler ceramics

scambler ceramics
wood fired ceramics


Robi Szalay

Robi Szalay's jewellery expresses her love of design for the body with intricately created pieces using sterling silver, semi precious stones, crystals and glass beads. This passion saw her take out three awards at the WA Smales Fashion Design Awards in 2000 and 2002. Her designs also accessorised entries for both Designers of the Year in 2000 and 2001. Robi is now in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts degree at Curtin, working with textiles and print media. 

Szalay brooch

Robi Szalay image
Textile Brooches


Linda Ullrich

Heirlooms jewellery by Linda Ullrich, involves the design and manufacture of Vintage Style jewellery; an eclectic mix of new and recycled beads, wire and found materials.

Many components are sourced from overseas and often unique to a particular era or fashion style. The challenge is to arrange these items as she would a sculpture or a painting, a process of layering and assemblage so they become artistic pieces. Inspired by the materials at hand, her work has evolved into a process of collecting and making and follows parallels of contemporary fashion.

ullrich pendant

ullrich pendants

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